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When you see the word Sisyphean, what comes to mind? Is it a label of something? Or perhaps a description of an action?

Origin of Sisyphean

Sisyphean was based on the name of Sisyphus. Sisyphus was the founder and king of Ephyra, or later known as Corinth, in Greek mythology. He was very cunning that even the god of the Underworld, Hades, fell to his wiles, when he asked Hades to demonstrate on himself how his handcuffs work. Sisyphus, instead of meeting his end, locked up Hades in his closet. Eventually, Hades was freed and he has to go to the Underworld.

Sisyphus, has another trick up his sleeve. He told his wife not to bury him and informed Persephone, the beautiful wife of Hades, that he needs to go back to the living so his funeral can be arranged. After all, for him to cross to the other side of the river Styx, his wife has to place a coin on under his tongue so he can pay Charon to ferry him across. Persephone agreed and so Sisyphus returned to the land of the living and lived for another stretch of years.

But, as cunning as he was, he eventually was hauled back to the Underworld with his crimes enumerated before him. The gods, angry, condemned him to roll a massive boulder to the top of a hill. He thought that it was a simple task, one he can finish immediately and be done with. Unfortunately for him, the boulder was very heavy, and he has to push it himself, alone. It was a task that was very laborious.

Eventually, he was able to succeed. Just when he thought he was done and he had once again defeated the gods in their own game, the boulder rolled back down. He had to push it up again… for all eternity. A futile task.

Thus, a Sisyphean is a task, a project, or a problem that is both very laborious and futile.

Use Sisyphean in a sentence

The twins went to the place they called Smokey Mountain. It was a mountain of trash dumped a few blocks away from where they live. Seeing the challenge before them, Jane said, “brother, finding all the bottles and cans in that mountain of garbage is a Sisyphean task!”

Her borther replied, “Sisyphean or not, we need to help our parents so we have food in our belly.”

Jane shrugged, and together the twins started digging in the Smokey Mountain, searching for bottles and cans in the hope that their Sisyphean effort will one day end.

(Aside: Let us not forget that there are children working in garbage dumps all around the world to look for something they can sell to buy food for their families. If we can help in any way, please do that. Even a small token that brings smile and hope to these kids can make a huge difference in their lives.)

The image used, “Punishment sisyph”, is in...

Free Culture and Verses.Space™ 2018-02-01T15:44:00+00:00 2018-02-01T15:44:00+00:00

The Kolverse Worldbuilding and Writing Project (“KWWP”) use only materials compatible with Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License. This is the license that Verses.Space materials and works are under to ensure that all contributions and works are Free Culture approved works.

What is a Free Culture work?

A Free Culture work is any work under a license that grants anyone the right to:

  • use the work and benefit from using it
  • study the work and apply what is learned
  • make and distribute copies of the work
  • change and improve the content and distribute these derivative works

Which licenses are compatible with CC By-SA 4.0 International License?

  • Public Domain works (works whose Copyright has expired; we highly recommend works that is in the Public Domain in all countries)
  • Works that were dedicated to the Public Domain by its creator through CC0/CCzero
  • Works under Creative Commons Attribution (CC By) License, regardless of version but we highly recommend CC By 4.0 International
  • Works under Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike (CC By-SA) License, regardless of version but we highly recommend CC By-SA 4.0 International
  • Materials under the Free Art License 1.3

(You can also read KWWP Compatible Licenses for more about this.)

Our Advocacy: Free Culture

Here at KWWP, we believe the Free Culture movement. We are not anti-Copyright, we support it, however, due to abuses of the Copyright Law in many countries, creativity, knowledge, and commercial opportunities are hampered. One good example are the works by fanfiction authors, another example are works with crossovers.

Not all writers are worldbuilders. There are great writers out there who only need an established world for them to write great stories. Many fanfiction authors are such writers, and only few can build a new world from scratch. Sooner or later, these authors will stop writing because they see that there is no future for them in writing stories for “All Rights Reserved” worlds.

In the same way that not all worldbuilders are writers. Many worldbuilders have excellent skills in creating new worlds but few can write stories, regardless of reason. Yet, many worldbuilders have their works under “All Rights Reserved” so their world stays unexplored. Maybe a fanfiction author will pick it up, write a new fanfiction, and then that’s about it.

This “it is mine, you can not use my work” culture needs to stop… today!

Our Goal

Our goal is simple. To increase the number of worlds and stories that anyone can adapt. To abolish fanfiction. To blow to smithereens the selfish culture that came out of the continudd abuses of the Copyright Law, everywhere.

In Verses.Space, worldbuilders can share their worlds for others to tell new adventures. Writers can write to their hearts content, the sky is the limit! We do not have a concept of “canon”, each story can become its own “canon” world, not an unofficial story or fanfiction. Even crossovers are possible!

Best of all, if an author or worldbuilder wants to sell their work, they can as well,...

English Free Culture Works in Amazon 2018-01-31T14:31:00+00:00 2018-01-31T14:31:00+00:00

Finding Free Culture works in reading platforms like Amazon Kindle is a challenge. Amazon does not offer an option for readers to search works by its license nor does they offer authors and publishers to tag works as such. Free Culture searches were already made possible in other works of art like images and photos, however, in the literature space we have yet to find commercial platforms with such a search feature.

In an effort to assist everyone in searching for Free Culture works, we have created an Amazon Idea List. It is not complete in any way, as again, it is not easy to find Free Culture works in the Amazon platform.

Works listed in our Amazon Idea List are only those:

  • in the Public Domain already (expired Copyright);
  • the creator dedicated his/her work to the Public Domain through CC0/CCzero;
  • under a Creative Commons Attribution License; or
  • under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License

A fair warning to creators: there are some works based on a Free Culture work but the derivative work is “All Rights Reserved”. This happens for two reasons, (1) the Free Culture work was under a CC By License or the original creator allowed them to release their derivative work as All Rights Reserved; and/or (2) we can not verify the work’s license because we have to buy it first to see its Copyright notices.

If you found such work under a non-Free Culture license, please do inform us so we can remove the material from the list. Or, if you found works not yet in the list, feel free to get in touch with us and we will have those included.

Without further ado… the Free Culture works (English) Amazon Idea List can be found here (with affiliate code) or here (without affiliate code).

The “Approved for Free Cultural Works” logo is under a CC By 4.0 International License by Creative Commons.