English Free Culture Works in Amazon

Finding Free Culture works in reading platforms like Amazon Kindle is a challenge. Amazon does not offer an option for readers to search works by its license nor does they offer authors and publishers to tag works as such. Free Culture searches were already made possible in other works of art like images and photos, however, in the literature space we have yet to find commercial platforms with such a search feature.

In an effort to assist everyone in searching for Free Culture works, we have created an Amazon Idea List. It is not complete in any way, as again, it is not easy to find Free Culture works in the Amazon platform.

Works listed in our Amazon Idea List are only those:

  • in the Public Domain already (expired Copyright);
  • the creator dedicated his/her work to the Public Domain through CC0/CCzero;
  • under a Creative Commons Attribution License; or
  • under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License

A fair warning to creators: there are some works based on a Free Culture work but the derivative work is “All Rights Reserved”. This happens for two reasons, (1) the Free Culture work was under a CC By License or the original creator allowed them to release their derivative work as All Rights Reserved; and/or (2) we can not verify the work’s license because we have to buy it first to see its Copyright notices.

If you found such work under a non-Free Culture license, please do inform us so we can remove the material from the list. Or, if you found works not yet in the list, feel free to get in touch with us and we will have those included.

Without further ado… the Free Culture works (English) Amazon Idea List can be found here (with affiliate code) or here (without affiliate code).

The “Approved for Free Cultural Works” logo is under a CC By 4.0 International License by Creative Commons.


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