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Welcome to Verses.Space or the Kolverse Worldbuilding and Writing Project!

Verses.Space is a project about creating worlds. This could be in the form of a map, a story, character, or even as simple as an item. If we go a bit deeper, the KWWP is a solution to the common issues surrounding fiction. Each Reality exists on the same verse, the kolverse (a.k.a. panverse, allverse, omniverse). It solves the following problems in creative fiction:

  • Crossovers are usually considered non-canon or unofficial. For example, characters from Star Trek appearing in the Marvel universe did not happen in either Reality. This attempt or story was only a marketing promotion or fan service. In Realities associated with KWWP, anything and everything is canon.
  • Fanfiction, likewise, is non-canon or unofficial. It is also usually a violation of the Copyright Law. There are also authors who does not like fanfiction for various reasons we will not get into. There is no fanfiction in Realities associated with KWWP, anything and everything is canon.
  • Retcon or retroactive continuity, is an act of releasing new information that effectively nullified a previous established canon. In Realities associated with KWWP, retcon is non-existent. Time is both linear and non-linear. If an author introduces what appears to be a retcon, the pre-retcon history still exists. A new timeline is instead created for the new material.

You are invited to check our project to get to know more what makes KWWP / Verses.Space different and exciting.

More details will be provided as we are currently in the process of setting up our first website.