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The Kolverse Worldbuilding and Writing Project has listed below our recommended and highly encouraged form of attributing works submitted to and is under our project. If none of these suggestions fit to one's medium, the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License allows one to use an attribution format that is reasonable to one's medium of publication.

Websites & Weblogs

As there are more likely multiple creators (authors, builders) and contributors, the following applies regardless of medium of publication.


Due to the nature of films/movies in regards to the length and placement considerations, we suggest the following.

  • Attribute to: A Verses.Space™ Project if there are multiple creators (authors, builders) and contributors; or if the production will accommodate listing the original creators, and possibly the contributors, then the better
  • With an optional URL: https://Verses.Space
  • Should be visible after the logos/labels of the production companies and producers in the beginning of the film; or right before the credits.

Printed Books and eBooks

  • Below the cover of the book, there should be A Verses.Space™ Project no smaller than 14pt, for print, and 12px for digital.
  • In the Copyright page of the book, right after the name of the original creators (authors, builders), there should be A Verses.Space™ Project (https://Verses.Space); or
  • If there are also multiple contributors to a work, a direct link to the material's page should be used, for example, A Verses.Space™ Project, https://Verses.Space/wiki/Reality:Extrema_(EXM)