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KWWP Project License

The Kolverse Worldbuilding and Writing Project or the Verses.Space project is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike (CC By-SA) 4.0 International License.

By using CC By-SA, all the materials and works contributed Verses.Space, unless otherwise noted, are valid Wikipedia:Free culture works. Anyone and everyone can freely copy; distribute; adapt/remix or create a derivative, of any and all materials in KWWP, for commercial or non-commercial purposes, as long as proper Attributions are provided in the new copy, new distribution, and/or new work.

This means that there are materials and works that we can not accept in Verses.Space project either because (a) the license of the material and/or work is incompatible with our chosen license; or (b) though allowable, it still gives worldbuilders and authors small leeway in reusing a material, which is no longer worth for everybody else working for the project.

Here are the compatible licenses for CC By-SA 4.0 International License.


The Verses.Space project will only accept materials and works licensed under one of the following:

Or was released to or is already in the Public domain

CC By-SA 3.0 and CC By 3.0 Licenses

Verses.Space allows reuse/remixing/adaptation of materials licensed under CC By 3.0 and CC By-SA 3.0 licenses, Unported or Ported, from other projects.

Generally, if one ensures to follow the requirements of CC By 4.0 and CC By-SA 4.0, one already followed the requirements of the previous version (3.0). Still, we highly encourage creators (authors and builders) to ensure they are complying completely with the previous version (3.0).

We will not be able to check these thoroughly as we do not have the resources to do so. Thus, we may leave some mark or note on new works with a mix 3.0 and 4.0 content. Or the creator of the new work can request a written permission from the original source to have their material used in the new work be licensed under CC By-SA 4.0 or CC By 4.0. Better yet, request for them to upgrade to version 4.0.

For the other Free/Libre Culture projects under CC By-SA 3.0 or CC By 3.0, Unported or Ported, we are encouraging you to upgrade to CC By-SA 4.0 or CC By 4.0 which will benefit everyone in the Free/Libre Culture community and movement.

More information about these has been provided below in the "Further Reading" section as links to specific Creative Commons pages.

CC By-NC and CC By-NC-SA Licenses

Due to the NonCommercial requirement of the licenses Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial (CC By-NC) 4.0 International and Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike (CC By-NC-SA) 4.0 International, materials and works licensed under it are automatically not compatible with our chosen license which is CC By-SA 4.0 International[1].

Although it is possible to use a material or work licensed under CC By-NC 4.0 International License in a material or work under CC By-SA 4.0 International License, it is still not recommended even by the Creative Commons Corporation[2]. Doing so, one should take additional care to mark the adaptation as involving multiple copyrights under different terms so that downstream users are aware of their obligations to comply with the licenses from all rights holders [citation 1].

To save us all from headaches and the legal maze, the Verses.Space project does not and will not accept materials or works under CC By-NC 4.0 International License and CC By-NC-SA 4.0 International License.

CC0/CC Zero and the Public Domain

Materials and works that were or will be released under CC0 1.0 Universal are the same as those that were already in the Public Domain. This makes these compatible with CC By-SA 4.0 International License and can be used in the Verses.Space project [3].

However, it is good practice-though not required-to give Attribution to the original owner/creator of the material or work. In addition to that, the material or work remains under CC0/PD if it was not adapted/remixed, meaning, no considerable edits or changes were made to the original CC0/PD source material.

Free Art License 1.3

The Free Art License 1.3 was declared compatible to CC By-SA 4.0 International License by the Creative Commons Corporation on the 21st October 2014 [4]. Be sure to read analysis and comparison before uploading and using a material or work licensed under FAL 1.3 to fully comply with it.




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