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In every project, there are guidelines to keep decisions and information reasonable or sound. As the Kolverse Worldbuilding and Writing Project is new, these guidelines will mature as we grow together.

We are assuming that you have read our introduction to our project, Verses.Space. If you have not done so, it is very important that you do, you can read it here: Free Culture and Verses.Space. In addition to that, familiarising yourself with our terminologies is also highly encouraged.

As a recap, in Verses.Space we refer to worlds as Realms. A Realm can be a multiverse, a single universe, an alternate dimension, a parallel world, a different plane of existence, a split timeline, or any various combination of these. Realms are grouped by the Reality it belongs to; and in each Realm there are different Places, Nations, Groups, Races, Characters, and Items.

Anyone can build worlds and write stories the way they want. Crossovers and fanfictions does not exist in Verses.Space as any work written based on another's work (a) can be on the same Realm; or (b) a totally different Realm, with all of it existing in the kolverse. It allowed us to eliminate concepts like canon or prime because each work is canon and prime.

Our project is completely under Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike (CC By-SA) 4.0 International License. All works made based on materials from Verses.Space are automatically under the same License. Thus, any Creator can adapt/remix any work based on Verse.Space to produce another great work.

The Basics

Content Rating

Although anyone can build worlds and write stories the way they want, content on our website, needs to have a restriction. We do not want the project's official website to be marked as an "adult" site. Thus, we will not be able to include any material or work that falls under the "adult" rating.

This means that works with descriptive and extreme violence, descriptive sex scenes or implies such sex activity, are not allowed. Creators can use materials from Verses.Space within the CC By-SA License and host their work or publish it for sale anywhere else. But we can not list nor link to it. However, listing the Places, Nations, Groups, Races, Characters, and Items, including its Reality and Realm, is allowed, as long as these details are not for purely adult purposes, for example, a Reality where descriptive sex is the norm, or a Realm where extreme violence is a pleasure, will not be allowed.

It is possible that we may setup a separate website in the future.

Third-Party Projects

Compatible third-party projects are accepted to be listed in Verses.Space, however, only at the Reality level. The only time that we will list Realms, Places, Nations, Groups, Races, Characters, and Items, is when a creator has published a work based on that third-party project, as it is an adaptation/remixed, not a copy or duplication of content from their website.

If an official representative from the third-party project chooses to include their world details in the Verses.Space Wiki, it is perfectly acceptable, however, be mindful that our Wiki license is CC By-SA 4.0 International, such world details will automatically be under the same License and can not be revoked.

Relationship Between Projects

The relationship between Verses.Space and a third-party project is only within the bounds of each project's chosen Licenses, unless there is a formal written agreement or conversation between official representatives of both. Thus, the Terminology, tropes, and guidelines governing the Verses.Space project and its in-universe world is strictly within adaptations/remixes of third-party projects only.

This means that, a third-party project can continue to call adaptations/remixes as non-canon or fanfiction if they want, but that same adaptation/remix by a Verses.Space creator is canon and not a fanfiction within Verses.Space. However, the third-party project's in-universe rules, like rules on magic, science, travel, and similar key features of a world/universe, stays intact. If a character from a different Reality travels into the Reality of a third-party project, as with any Reality in Verses.Space, that Reality's governing rules are to be followed.

If you need clarification or have questions, please feel free to ask in our Facebook Group and we will address your inquiry.

Magic and Science

In the Verses.Space world, magic and science are simply two expressions of the same building blocks of existence, which we currently consider as what we call quantum mechanics. Thus, one Realm can be hard science and another hard magic. If technologies between these different Realms cross into each other, there may or may not be a major effect. What is important here is that we do not differentiate between magic and science, however, it does not mean these two expressions are the same and without conflict.

One can say that magic is science not yet understood but from a magical Realm's perspective, science is magic not yet understood. Again, magic and science are simply two expressions of the same building blocks of existence, called quantum mechanics in the real world.


Technology can be magic-based or science-based, or even both! It is up to the creator to develop these information and to enter it in the respective pages in our Wiki, for example in a Realm page where it can be explained what kind of magic/science technology the Realm works within.

Publishing Works

Before officially publishing works (preferably before starting with a new work), especially for writers, check with the original creator and other contributors first if anyone else is currently creating a new work based on the same materials. Otherwise, the only solution is to make the other work a separate timeline, thus a separate Realm.

We do not have a concept of prime and canon, however, of course we highly discourage using Realm tropes to resolve a conflict. If Realm tropes will be used, we highly prefer that it was because it is a necessary part of the story or it was the intention of the creator of the new work to begin with.

It is important to understand that there is a difference in using Realm tropes to resolve a conflict than using it because it is part of the story and/or it was the intention by the creator from the beginning. We can not stress this enough. To be blunt, it is a lame reason for a Realm trope: story conflict.

We are a collaborative shared-world project so let's collaborate and share worlds.