Place:Yrthraethra (MNA-SPR-pYRT)

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Place name Yrthraethra
Place code pYRT
In Realm name Springreen
In Realm code SPR
Parent Reality name Mana
Parent Reality code MNA
Original creator Daat Kan-Laon
License CC-BY-SA Yellow.svg
Project Verses.Space
Status Red


Yrthraethra is a world equivalent to what we know as planet Earth. It occupies the same location as Earth but on a different Realm. It can be called a "parallel Earth" as far as its location is concerned. The world itself, its geography, the people living on it, even the size of the world, is far different from Earth.

There are no humans in Yrthraethra, there are only elves. Yrthraethra is also larger than Earth in diameter, and it has two moons both habitable. These elves are magically and technologically advance. Their approach about the nature around them is on the magical side not on the scientific side. Thus, their technology-prowess is magical in nature. "Magic and Technology" as opposed to Earth's "Science and Technology".

They have also colonised their neighbouring world, Piria, a world Earthlings call planet Mars in their own Realm. Piria, like Yrthraethra, is very different from Mars, only its location in spacetime is "parallel" to Mars.



  • Yrthraethra world map

Crossworld War Involvement

The elves of Yrthraethra have been involved in the Crossworld War on the Certh front for untold eons. The records the elves kept were lost in memory.

However, their involvement is subtle. They work in the shadows. They help protect other worlds by working with their governments secretly, with the locals none-the-wiser they are dealing with elves from another world. If a world is already involved, they quietly assist in relocating the refugees to other known safe worlds but never to their own world.

This has kept Yrthraethra off the radar of Rose Earth and its alliance of worlds called the Group:Rose Alliance (MNA-DRK-gRSE), the most brutal world and alliance this war has known. However, the dice has been rolled against the Yrthraethrans.


  • Untold Yrthraethran eons ago, the world of Yrthraethra has entered the Crossworld War on the Certh front
  • yyyy - Yrthraethrans colonised Piria
  • yyyy - Yrthraethrans entered Enaerth