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Ascension Epoch
Ascension Epoch logo
Reality name Ascension Epoch
Reality code ASC
Original creator Michael A. DiBaggio, Shell 'Presto' DiBaggio
License CC-BY-SA Yellow.svg
Project Ascension Epoch
Status Blue

It's been a century since the fall of the Martians and half again as long since men recovered the secret strength in their blood. A changed world begins to yield up its mysteries at the dawn of a new age. An age of heroes, monsters, and legends. An Age of Resurgent Myth.[cite 1]


Ascension Epoch is a shared universe of adventure fiction. It is built on both original elements and public domain sources. In addition to appealing to readers with entertaining stories, it is intended to be collaboratively developed with other writers and artists.[cite 2]

This means that all of the characters and stories under the Ascension Epoch header exist in the same reality and may sometimes come into contact with one another. This concept should be familiar to anyone who reads superhero comics or has watched a TV show crossover.[cite 3]

It is also an open content collaborative fiction project. The idea was to encourage fans to add their own characters and stories to help flesh out the universe, or if they wanted to go a different route, 'fork' the stories into a separate, but related, continuity.[cite 3]

The background is an alternate history where human beings with extraordinary supernatural abilities, called Talents, began to (re)appear around the middle of the 19th century. The course of world history is then altered irrevocably by the Martian invasion of 1898, laying the ground work for a 20th and 21st century substantially different from our own. But unbeknownst to most, the epoch-making "War of the Worlds" was only the most recent skirmish in a desperate, aeons-long war between the forces of good and evil, a war whose primary battleground is the planet Earth.[cite 2]


The setting is geared towards stories of heroic adventure, so there's a little bit of everything. One of the most important parts of the background is the existence of people with supernatural powers, so expect a lot of fiction that fits within the superhero or action genres. Many of these also feature strong undercurrents of mystery, romance, comedy, paranormal/occult, and horror. The modern day setting can be considered near-future science fiction as well as urban fantasy. The background is an alternate history that diverges from our own, mildly at first in the 18th century, and then significantly in the late 19th century with the invasion of H.G. Wells' Martians. The period around the Martian war and the early 20th century has a certain Steampunk vibe to it and lots of 'lost world' explorations. Stories set in the distant, mythic past would be equally at home with epic fantasy, sword and sorcery, or theo-fiction.[cite 3]



  • Michael A. DiBaggio, original creator
  • Shell 'Presto' DiBaggio, original creator





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