Reality:Crossworld (XWR)

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Reality name Crossworld
Reality code XWR
Original creator Daat Kan-Laon
License CC-BY-SA Yellow.svg
Project Verses.Space
Status Green

Crossworld is an interesting Reality. All Realms that exist here is where different worlds meet. There are varying degrees of interaction between the worlds. In most, interaction is virtually non-existent other than the random travels made by individuals, usually, unintentional or as part of their world's experiments.

But there is one Realm where the interaction between worlds has escalated into an all-out war. The war has raged for what seems to be an eternity and the end is nowhere to be seen. More details about this war-ravaged Crossworld Realm is available in its own section in our archive.

~12th Timelady


The Crossworld Reality is where worlds meet. It is the world between worlds. This is different from spacetime travel. Traveling to different universes or multiverses as long as it is in the same Realm and Reality, is within the bounds of spacetime travel. But once a character travels to a different Realm and/or Reality then the traveler passes through one of the Realms in the Crossworld Reality.

Usually, travelers reach their destination directly. However, there may be cases where travelers get stuck in the world between worlds or it was their intended destination.




  • Discovered by the 6th Timelady
  • First documentation by the 12th Timelady


  • Crossworld War series (project name; under development)