Reality:Extrema (EXM)

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Reality name Extrema
Reality code EXM
Original creator Daat Kan-Laon
License CC-BY-SA Yellow.svg
Project Verses.Space
Status Green

The Extrema Reality. This Reality is full of wonders and is one of the few Realities with so many Realms to explore and to avoid. There are Realms with people with god-like abilities, I initially assumed these were Keeper members playing god (an act frowned upon but allowed to a certain extent). There are Realms where teenagers can summon a sort of divine helper when the next round of religious war is about to begin.

However, one Realm caught my attention, a Realm where people attuned to the kolverse can open up portals and channel energies from anywhere the kolverse into their Realm. A Realm worthy of my attention for there is an inherent danger in such method.

~ 9th Timelady


The Extrema Reality is where things are commonly in the extreme. There are overpowered individuals with virtually no weaknesses. There are unexplained and bordering the impossible, type of abilities that everyone has or only one person have. Or groups engaged in some crazy activity no other Reality will want to have any association with. Or a world where vampires, wolves, elves, dwarves, fairies, and your green alien, have mixed together in unnatural and strange ways.

Although in the Verses.Space project, these things are indeed possible in any Reality, in Extrema extremes is the norm. It does not have to be malevolent only, extremes can be benevolent; it can be useful or useless; logical or illogical; senseful or senseless; maxima and minima.

Thus, if you want to play with maximum and minimum in your worldbuilding and/or stories, this Extrema Reality is a good place to set your world. But make no mistake, being in the extreme does not mean immortality, god-mode, or all-powerful armies that can conquer all other Realms and Realities.