Reality:Poyiu ne Aoelira (00T)

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Poyiu ne Aoelira
Reality name Poyiu ne Aoelira
Reality code 00T
Original creator Daat Kan-Laon
License CC-BY-SA Yellow.svg
Project Verses.Space
Status Green

Poyiu ne Aoelira is a pristine Reality. It is the template for all its Realm variations.

There is no time in this Reality. All its Realms are created and based on the beliefs of the people throughout the kolverse.

Thus, in this Reality, one can and will find the Garden of Eden, Heaven, the Land of Life, Ejor's Bosom, Qitpa Nalmei, and all the various afterlife names for those who did good during their lives before they moved on.

~ 12th Timelady


Poyiu ne Aoelira is a special Reality in the Kolverse Worldbuilding and Writing Project. All heaven-type exists here as one of its Realms. For example, the heaven in Culture X is actually a Realm that exist in this Reality, and the paradise from Story Y is yet another Realm in this Reality.

Mostly off-limits, however, there are a few Realms in this Reality where tourism and vacation is allowed. Knowledge about the truth behind this Reality and its many Realms, is shielded from almost everyone. Only the members of The Keeper has complete knowledge and records of this Reality, although there are a few individuals and factions who have some knowledge of this Reality, either through their own discovery as they travel through the kolverse or some other malevolent activities and beliefs.

It is believed that there is a counterpart to Poyiu ne Aoelira but no Keeper has discovered it to this day of the 23rd Timelady and 17th Keeper lord.




  • Discovered by the 12th Timelady
  • Controlled tourism started around the time of the 15th Keeper lord