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The Fifth World
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Reality name The Fifth World
Reality code 5TH
Original creator The Fifth World
License CC-BY-SA Yellow.svg
Project The Fifth World
Status Blue

The world has changed. The ruins of ancient cities lie submerged beneath the swollen seas. Beaches of translucent plastic sand mark new boundaries between land and water. Jungles stretch from the equator to the poles. Herds of elephants trample savannas in Canada and Russia. Tigers prowl the broken, overgrown ruins of London and Beijing. Tribes of hunter-gatherers roam the wilds. Villages cultivate forest gardens. The season of civilization has passed. Humanity has come home to a more-than-human world, but the bonds of kinship that provide them with everything they want or need in this feral future require constant care and attention lest they fray and break — as they nearly did in the ancient past.[cite 1]


The Fifth World explores a neotribal, ecotopian, post-apocalyptic, animist realist, mundane science fiction future inspired by the visions of rewilding, decolonization, and permaculture.[cite 2]

The Fifth World presents an open source shared universe about such a world, created collaboratively by our growing community and explored in a variety of projects, from written fiction to our tabletop roleplaying game.[cite 2]







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