Reality:The Wanderers' Library (TWL)

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The Wanderers' Library
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Reality name The Wanderers' Library
Reality code TWL
Original creator Dr. Everett Mann
License CC-BY-SA Yellow.svg
Project The Wanderers' Library
Status Blue

A big game hunter searches for hunting in other worlds.

A creature lives in alleyways and junkyards, collecting bits of trash to disguise itself.

A red thing of many parts promises everything you have ever wanted.

Stories here should try to evoke a Sense of Wonder, a sense that there is a larger world beyond the one we know. In the world of the Library, these wonders are hidden, but never truly far away. But never forget that this is a wilder world than our own, and it's never entirely safe, either. Tread with care.[cite 1]


The Wanderer's Library is a collaborative fiction exercise. It's a collection of stories that explore strange and fantastic corners of the world, hidden from ordinary eyes. Some of the stories take place in the distant past, taking the form of legends and fables. Others are from the modern day, hiding in the shadows just out of sight. The basic premise is that there are strange things that are not quite of our world. Some are dangerous, some are merely fascinating. They are all in some respect extraordinary.[cite 1]



  • Dr. Everett Mann, original creator



  • The Library, repository of stories on the main website.



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