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In Verses.Space, worlds are categorised in two levels. We call these Reality and Realm.

A Reality is where the uniqueness of a world is defined. How does things work? What are the laws of magic and science? Why is it what it is? A Reality can also be used to define a grouping of different multiverses or universes.

A Realm on the other hand is what we usually call the multiverse, universe, parallel world/universe, other dimension, different plane of existence, and yes, even time travel.

This format allow Creators (worldbuilders and authors) great flexibility in creating worlds and writing stories. It enables everyone to do virtually anything they want within the CC By-SA 4.0 International License. This is much more felt in the creative writing side when what would others consider “fanfiction” is a Realm in its own right here in Verses.Space.

We consider ourselves adventurers and explorers. In this page are listed Realms that we have discovered to date.

Discovered Realms