Realm:Raw (XWR-RAW)

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Realm name Raw
Realm code RAW
Parent Reality name Crossworld
Parent Reality code XWR
Original creator Daat Kan-Laon
License CC-BY-SA Yellow.svg
Project Verses.Space
Status Red

This Realm is the first, and hopefully the last, where wars between worlds has been raging for eons with the end nowhere to be seen. I have done everything I can possibly do to prevent this war from spilling into other Realms and Realities.

How this war started in the first place is not clear, the early eras of this war is not accessible, someone locked these periods. I can not tell if it was a predecessor of ours in The Keeper, or some after-effect of the war.

Only time can tell.

~12th Timelady


For Creators

This Realm is the setting for the Crossworld War in the series of the same name. It has been named as such because the main frontline of the war is in this Realm in the Crossworld Reality. It is different from "Interworld War", for example, as the latter denotes direct war with the other worlds.

The worlds involved in this Crossworld War are many and comes from different Realms and different Realities. However, the worlds are restricted to the same location. For example, the location of what would be "Earth" in this Realm (XWR-RAW) only have access to similar "Earth" in other Realms and Realities.

The Crossworld War

However, there are similar wars in other locations of this Realm (XWR-RAW), for example, what would be "Mars" only have access to worlds from other Realms and Realities in the same location or counterpart of it.

Thus, if the worlds in one location has united (or one has triumped over others), it is possible they can wage war in the other locations, thus in other worlds as well. For example, XWR-RAW "Earth" (alliance/victor) can then wage war against XWR-RAW "Mars" and whichever Realms and Realities with a "Mars" civilisation that may not even exist in their own.








Realms and Places Involved




  • Untold eons ago, the Crossworld War started. No one knew how and when exactly, these periods were locked by someone, some group, or possibly an after-effect of the war.
  • It is not known if the Crossworld War on Certh and Tiu are related. However, of all the participants, there are three Realms with civilisations on both its respective Earth-like and Mars-like worlds -- Springreen, Neveh, and Tyda.


Setting: "Earth"