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Verses.Space™ or the Kolverse Worldbuilding and Writing Project may be unique in its approach and scope but it is in no way the first. There are many projects that are collaborative and/or shared world, and some are available under a compatible Free Culture license.


These are projects that are compatible with our chosen license CC By-SA. Although there are projects that does claim to be "open source", "collaborative", and/or "shared world", it is the underlying license that defines if their project can be used by the Creators of KWWP. For more information, be sure to read: Compatible licenses.

Ascension Epoch

Dryden Experiment


SCP Foundation

The Fifth World

The Wanderers' Library


The following projects are not compatible with our chosen license CC By-SA. Even if a project stated that they are "open source", "collaborative", and/or "shared world", if their chosen license is not compatible with our chosen license (CC By-SA), Creators of Verses.Space can not use any of their materials. These projects were listed here as we support the collaborative and shared world fiction movements (if we can call it that).

Additionally, projects without a visible License information were also listed in this group until such a time it is clear which license they are using. See: KWWP:Compatible licenses for more information.


  • License: CC By-NC-SA 4.0 International
  • Website: Fedran

Orion's Arm Universe Project

Paradisi Chronicles

The Worldgate Chronicles

  • License: still being discussed by the group
  • Website: under construction

Transformation Story Archive

Metamor Keep

The Winds of Change

Whateley Academy